Sweet Slices Range

Our slice range has an amazing longevity and will keep in the fridge for up to 3 weeks – 4 weeks. Every slice can be frozen for up to 2months. 

Rich Chocolate Brownie $44.00 per tray (including GST)

White Chocolate Brownie $44.00 per tray  (including GST)

Raspberry White Chocolate Brownie with Pistachio & Cranberry Crumb $46.20 per tray (including GST)

Raspberry, Almond & Coconut $46.20 per tray (including GST)

Coffee & Walnut $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Passionfruit & Lemon $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Ginger Crunch $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Chocolate Caramel $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Salted Peanut & Caramel $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Cherry Ripe $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Wagon Wheel $46.20 per tray (including GST)

Dark Chocolate & Peppermint $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Gourmet White Chocolate Rocky Road – White Chocolate, Pistachio, Cranberry & Hazelnut drizzled in Milk Chocolate $44.00 per tray (including GST)

yields 32 pieces per tray

Candied Peanut Chocolate Brownie $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Zesty Lemon Slice $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Carrot Cake Slice With Zesty Lemon & Walnut Crumb $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Rocky Road Delight $48.40 per tray (including GST)

Marbled Chocolate Hazelnut Slice $46.20 per tray (including GST)

Cookies & Cream Chocolate Brownie $47.30 per tray (including GST)


We offer a beautiful Macaron range here at Vaunes. Every single one is a taste sensation. We try to ensure we have at least 10 different flavors on hand at any given time unless otherwise stated. A particular flavour or colour can be ordered provided you order 20 macarons or more. Alternatively we offer beautiful assortment boxes of 8 for $30 and 4 for $15.

Below is a list of some of the amazing flavours we have on offer. 

Apple Crumble


Cadbury Caramilk



Cookies & Cream

Chai Latte (Vanilla)

Cherry Ripe



Irish Cream


Mixed Berry


Orange & Poppyseed


Peanut Butter Cup

Pistachio Dark Chocolate 

Pistachio White Chocolate

Raspberry white Chocolate



White Chocolate Freckle

White Chocolate Vanilla Bean

Zesty Lemon

We offer Macarons as a topper option for cake orders. At $3.50 per macaron you can enjoy both your cake and macaron in one order.

Vanilla Greek Shortbread $6.60 per 100g bag (including GST)

Walnut Greek Shortbread $7.15 per 100g bag (including GST)

Caramel Popcorn $6.60 per 100g bag (including GST)

minimum of 5 bags to be ordered

Our Caramel Popcorn and Vanilla Greek Shortbread are shelf stable for up to 6 weeks. A minimum of 5 bags needs to be purchased for each.

Mini White Chocolate Mud Cakes $3.30 per cupcake (including GST)

sold per dozen

Gluten & Dairy Free

Blueberry, Cinnamon & Walnut Slice $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Fudgy Chocolate Brownie $44.00 per tray (including GST)

Banana Bread Loaf $19.80 per loaf (including GST)

Assortment gift boxes

Beautiful assortment boxes for any occassion $40.00 per box (including GST)

These consist of a variety of our slices, our vanilla greek shortbread rounds and our mini white chocolate mud cakes


Festive Hampers

These are made up of our slices, caramel popcorn and vanilla greek shortbread rounds

Small -$44 (including GST)

Medium – $104.50 (including GST)

Large – $159.50 (including GST)


Christmas Gift Jars

The perfect Christmas present


White chocolate, Pistchio, Cranberry & Hazelnut Bites $22 (including GST)

Vanilla Greek Shortbread Rounds $19.80 (including GST)

Candied Salted Peanuts $16.50 (including GST)

Candied Vanilla Bean Almonds $16.50 (including GST)

Personalised Hampers

We can arrange personalised hampers at an agreed upon amount. Our hampers can include but are not limited to Caramel Popcorn, Vanilla Greek Shiortbread, Candied Peanuts, Rocky Road & our delicious Sugar Cookies. 


For an additional $2 you can have a personalised card added to your order for that extra touch of care.

Keeping it simple while delivering excellence

Our 3 Best Sellers

Rich Chocolate Brownie

Raspberry Almond & Coconut

Cherry Ripe

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